"THANK YOU! Our buyer is fine with everything and our house is officially sold. We were in a bit of a panic yesterday, but your willingness to talk with our buyer made the difference. We really appreciate how you handled all of this and were willing to work with us on everything. I've already recommended CMT to our neighbors if they choose to test."
– Seller


"After Alan inspected our home, we used one of your recommended contractors and they did an excellent job. We have also referred you to a number of residents in the neighborhood."
– Homeowner


“Thanks Alan, You were extremely helpful. I have already caulked where the window areas meet the brick just as you had suggested. I also did above the garage doors. I wouldn’t have thought to do all of that without your input.”
– Homeowner


“I wanted to send a quick note to update you on our moisture issue with the builder. The builder agreed to and made all the necessary repairs to the house, which I feel you played a big part in. Thank you for all your efforts.”
– Home Owner, 10-Year Warranty


“My wife and I greatly appreciate the professional service provided by everyone at CMT. The home we are purchasing was only four years old and did not show any visible signs of having a moisture problem with its stucco siding. However, we requested CMT’s inspection as a precaution, and are so very glad we did! Jeff performed the inspection and then showed us exactly what was happening with the moisture intrusion that he found. He also spent much additional time on site answering all my many questions. The report was delivered as promised, shortly after completion of the inspection appointment and was comprehensive and presented in a easily understandable format. It detailed both the causes and necessary corrections of the moisture issue. The report even included photographs that visually detailed the various potential construction problem areas, as well as photographic documentation of all the test sample locations, and the measurement values taken from each testing site. Based on CMT’s knowledge and wonderful customer service, their new Certified Dry program has given us the confidence to purchase this home with a moisture problem, since my wife and I are certain that, as a result of CMT’s oversight, the contractors who repair these problems will do it correctly, and there will be no recurrent problems for us down the road. In short, CMT has impressed us with their extraordinary expertise in the field of home moisture concerns and construction best practices. They’ve provided my family with a valued service and peace of mind. I give CMT my highest recommendation.”
- Home Buyer


 “I wish to thank and acknowledge the services and support that I received from CMT regarding moisture intrusion testing that was provided by their staff in concert with selling my home. Initial testing was provided by Alan and staff, when the house was first tested, results were satisfactory at the time. It should be noted that this was a stucco home. Future retesting was needed and the results in two areas caused great concern, as far as selling the home. Alan used his expertise in the field to work with the builder to resolve the issue, plus continued to pursue the solution until the problem was resolved and the final sale was complete. Through this whole process, which took many months, retesting was needed and willingly provided and written reports were sent to builder, homeowner and agent the next day. This whole experience was made easier with Alan’s expertise in the field, feedback and his concern for the homeowner, were exceptional and professional. I wish to just thank him for all his help in the selling of our home.”
– Home Seller


“I just had to call you and thank you so much for all your help. I wanted to let you know I got my check today from the insurance company. They are working on my house and exactly where we did the cuts and where you did all the testing is where the damage was. They had to rebuild under the windows and the kickout area was really bad, just like you said it would be. We are proceeding here. I really appreciate all your help thank you so much. I’m passing your name around and I’m going to say something at our sales meeting on Tuesday.” – Client and Realtor, Coldwell Banker Burnet


“My home was listed for sale for ten months when I finally got an offer. The potential buyer insisted on a moisture inspection as part of the purchase agreement. Much to my dismay, Certified Moisture Testing found moisture damage on my home. Fortunately, my home was less than ten years old and was still warranted by the builder. During repairs, I hired Certified Moisture Testing to provide Certified Dry™ services. After the repairs were made, I listed the home and was able to sell it in one month! That would not have been possible without the Certified Dry program by CMT.”
– Home Seller, 10-Year Warranty


“This letter is to commend CMT (Certified Moisture Testing), who recently did a complete moisture testing of our home on Hunters Trail. Jeff Powell was the Certified Moisture Technician who came to do the testing of our home. Jeff arrived on the scheduled time, explained his procedures and mentioned that we could watch the testing. We watched as he drilled holes into the stucco at different spots, to took the reading and then patched the small holes with exact matching colored caulk. Another great service was the immediate reply of the results which were sent via email and by hard copy in the mail. Jeff and CMT are commended for outstanding service. Jeff is conscientious, knowledgeable and open to any questions. We will definitely recommend Jeff and CMT to anyone needing a home moisture testing.”
– Homeowner (written to the Better Business Bureau)

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