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Published on Mar 24, 2015
For almost fourteen years, the Biggs family did not know what was causing their daughter Collette's illness, until this past fall when they discovered that it was a result of toxic mold inside their home. WATCH NOW


About Toxic Black Mold Syndrome WATCH NOW

Is Hidden Mold IN YOUR Home Making You Sick?

There can be many reasons for the wet conditions inside the contained spaces of a home where mold growth is occurring. While mold is everywhere, leaky windows, poorly vented attics, basements, inadequate roof flashings, failed claddings or plain old condensation can cause in-wall moisture and mold. It’s the mold growing inside wall cavities that Is most worrisome because it can't be seen. Moisture intrusion is aggravated in the newer homes because they are constructed so tight the damp area is often not able to dry before it gets wet again.

Molds can affect more than just health, it can destroy the value of your home. If you’ve got mold you need to get rid of it. More importantly, you need eliminate the cause. Find the moisture, eliminate the cause, and clean the mold. Come back later and make sure it’s no longer a problem.

At Certified Moisture Testing, we're dedicated to doing one thing: Finding moisture sources which lead to mold/fungus growth. Normally, we drill small holes, using electronic probes to take quantitative measurements. However, where sellers won’t allow intrusive probing until a problem is presented, we offer affordable, non-intrusive inspections designed for the fast paced real estate transaction. These non-intrusive inspections will be conducted by a Moisture Intrusion Specialist. We’ll not only document all suspected mold areas, we’ll take an air sample and have results to you within 48 hours.

If you place an offer on a home, or you suspect your current home is making you sick, contact Certified Moisture Testing before other inspections to save time and money. We’re here to make sure your home is healthy.


Icon Attic-To-Basement
Attic to Basement

Weird stain? Funky smell? Ice dams? Pipe leak? Wet basement? Leaky windows? Don’t panic – we’ve got this.

There isn’t much we haven’t seen when it comes to moisture, which means we are well-versed in tracking down the source of even the most mystifying symptoms. Whether you’re experiencing attic ventilation or insulation issues, less-than-pleasant smells or had a pipe leak and need to know how far the water traveled, we can help you.


Icon Stucco-And-Exteriors
Stucco and Exteriors

Whether your home is clad with stucco, brick, wood, vinyl, fiber cement board or metal, we can identify moisture intrusion that causes structural damage.

If you’re buying or selling a home, or are coming up on your 10-year warranty in Minnesota, an exterior inspection will bring to light “the unknown” and create peace of mind. Our report and analysis details the levels of moisture in the sheathing behind your cladding and the condition of the sheathing, indicating areas where water may have caused damage within the wall cavity.

Learn more about our testing process here.


Icon Mold-And-Air-Quality
Mold and Air Quality

Think you have a mold problem? Then you probably have a water problem.

Fact: Every home has mold. But not every home has a mold problem. Mold needs something to eat – any organic matter in your home – and something to drink in order to thrive. If your humidity levels inside are reasonable and you have no other sources of moisture that can contribute to this process, the mold can’t grow. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to source the moisture that is allowing the mold to flourish, so that your cleanup efforts will be lasting.

Can’t see it but still think it’s there? Have specific allergies and need to know what’s floating around? Air quality sampling and analysis may confirm your suspicions, keying us in to a possible interior source of moisture before we begin our exploration.


Icon Further-Investigation
Further Investigation

You know you have an issue, but how far does it extend? Let’s investigate.

Before repairs are made, it is usually necessary to narrow down the causes in order to develop a scope of repairs. Sometimes it is clear what steps need to be taken, and other times a more in-depth examination is needed to clarify findings. We can investigate the area, detail the causes and effects and get you on the road to repairs. Just need a second opinion? Give us a call for an unbiased assessment.


Icon Forensic-Testing
Forensic Services

Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? We do, and we’re recognized as expert witnesses in our field. If your matter has to go to court, we’ll be there to back you up.

Our All-Party services make this process so much easier on everyone involved – and there are usually many parties involved! We will take the reins at the All-Party investigation, show where the damages are located, make temporary repairs and coordinate with your attorney and/or engineer to bolster your strong strategic team.


Icon Certified-Dry
Certified Dry

As part of your scope of repairs, your contractor suggests installing two layers of grade D paper and foil-backed tape around the fenestrations. If that sounded like Greek to you, you need a neutral third party to make sure the work is done properly and thoroughly. And yes, we’ll put that in writing.

Certified Dry is a remediation oversight program that covers a lot of area, even if the repairs don’t. We identify the causes and develop a scope of repairs, send it out for estimates on your behalf to whomever you deem worthy of the work. Once a contractor is chosen, we’ll work together to ensure they are following best practice in their repairs and remediate far enough beyond the damaged areas. We will inspect through the stages of repair and document how it was executed. To bring things full circle, we recommend testing again one year after completion to confirm that everything was successful. This will not only put your mind at ease now, but also later should you choose to sell your home and need to disclose the moisture problem – that has now been properly corrected.


Icon Blower-Door
Blower Door Testing

Home energy efficiency is a big deal in our world today. We have the capability and knowledge to make sure that your home is as snug as a glove and your impact on the environment low.

New construction in Minnesota is now required to have a blower door test after insulation is installed, and we understand why. Air bypass through improperly sealed gaps in the building envelope not only reduces energy efficiency, but also can lead to condensation that can damage the framework of your home. Have a not-so-new home and want to reduce your energy consumption? Call us and we can show you where to focus your sealing efforts.


Icon Concrete
Concrete Slab Testing

Our ASTM compliant slab testing can make sure new concrete is dry enough to install flooring, and also determine if existing flooring isn’t performing as a result of high moisture in the concrete.

Flooring issues can arise if concrete hasn’t properly cured or wasn’t properly sealed – above and below - upon installation. Grade and hydrostatic pressure can weigh in on flooring failures, as well. With our knowledge and experience in this niche market and our testing processes that meet ASTM F2170 requirements, we are able to give you the answers you need to move forward with your flooring.

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